Propane Prices

Propane Prices
Propane Fuel is produced year-round, however the demand for propane is highly seasonal and causes inventories at the refineries to increase when demand is low (usually the summer) and decrease inventories when demand is high (usually in the winter). When demand is high and the inventories are low the prices tends to rise.
This year we have seen the Eastern Provinces experience an early winter season and long lasting cold weather conditions, increasing the demand on refineries across Canada. Compounding the problem propane inventories are lower than normal from an increase demand in the agricultural sector during the fall.

Over the last few months we have seen a dramatic increase in the price of propane compared to previous years, however rising propane prices does not mean increased profits. Eagle Propane Sales limits its costs and margins as much as possible to pass along the best competitive price to our customers. During this situation we will be closely monitoring the price of propane and will be updating prices as frequently as possible. These circumstances are expected to be short-term and are expected to ease in the short-term.

In the meantime, energy conservation tips to consider:
- Turn down the thermostat. Lowering the temperature a few degrees while you are at home and lower when you are sleeping or away.
- Reduce drafts. Install caulking and weather stripping around windows doors and other openings.
- Water heaters turned down. Turn the temperature of the water heater to vacation mode while not in use or away.
- Skirting for RV. When living in a RV for extended periods of time it is always wise to skirt the RV as you can find up to a 25% saving in heating the RV.

As always Eagle Propane Sales will continue to make every effort to provide reliable service to its valued customers. Thank you for your business and understanding.


Nathaniel Watters
General Manager