Products & Services

Eagle Propane Sales offers a wide selection of services. Our licensed gas fitters provide the expertise required for all types of propane installations. We offer scheduled appliance cleaning and servicing. Our friendly delivery drivers are qualified through regular training and certifications, offering the friendly and safe service that Eagle Propane Sales is known for. Our employees work, live, and play within the communities we service.

Our residental customers use propane fuel to heat and cool their homes, heat water, cook and refridgerate food, dry clothes, fuel supply for propane generators, and barbecues.

Our commercal customers use propane for cooking and heating, roofing applications, forklift and fleet supply, and many other propane applications.

Eagle Propane Sales recycles and refurbishes propane tanks and cylinders, providing a full range of sizes of propane cylinder and tank sizes. Our representatives work with every customer to determine the best size of tank or cylinder to meet their propane fuel needs.